The most up-to-date schedule of today's Amtrak trains from and to where you want to go in your statusbar. Just enter the three letter code for where you want to depart from and arrive at. Anything that is valid on the website is valid here.
Select your preferred train an minimize search time. Set which train number you're looking for and if we find it, we'll highlight it.
Changing icon colors give you a quick glance perspective of how long you'll have to wait.
ColorAt least this late
Yellow15 minutes late
Orange45 minutes late
Redhour and a half
Also, try enabling to show the train time in the system bar for quicker awareness.
Can easily update what stations you're looking for, preferred train, whether you want to show the train time in the system bar and enable automatic updates.
Show the time: never, only when the trains late, or whenever the train has an estimated arrival time!


Looking for the raw data, accessible as a JSON endpoint? Here it is!
from/to Yes Path
date No Query parameter
Example stations: PVD, BOS, BBY, Providence, RI (PVD), Boston - South Station, MA (BOS), Boston - Back Bay, MA (BBY)


Simple interface follows the same as the endpoint. Two required parameters, and an optional date.
Amtrak.get(String, String, date: Date)